(Last Updated On: February 22, 2017)

As soon as you start to lose weight when you are taking and using Phentermine you will always be best advised to consider eating some of the much healthier meals and ingredients in those meals that you may not have eaten before.

With that in mind below are a few possible meals that you may be interested in eating when your weight does start to drop when taking Phentermine as your chosen weight loss aid.

Starting with the basics, we will use a simple base for many recipes, and that is tomato sauce. On its own it’s a perfect base for pasta dishes for a quick and easy dinner, however, chuck some lean mined beef in it, some sliced peppers, mushrooms, onions and any other vegetable you fancy, and you have a healthy and low fat base for bolognaise, lasagne and Chilli con Carne (add chilli powder).

How to lose weight

As tomato sauce tends to make absolutely loads, don’t be afraid of batch cooking and freezing it for a later date for a really quick ready meal that doesn’t contain more chemicals than a science experiment!

Also, be aware that carbohydrates are not the enemy. These slow release carbohydrates that come from pasta, rice and potatoes keep you fuller for longer and will also help keep you alert and able to focus.

Fat is also something else that we need in our diets. Granted we don’t need to be eating blocks of butter, however, our bodies do require a certain amount of fat to function. Omelettes, cheese and lean meats such as marbled fillet mignon are all ideal fats and also provide protein to aid muscle repairs.

Sugar is a bit of a grey area, as one week the ‘experts’ tell us we will all die terrible deaths if we even look at sugar, then the week after they tell us that we will die a terrible death if we don’t have sugar. The general rule of thumb however is moderation. Natural sugars such as those found in fruits are fine as the body breaks them down easily, however granulated sugar or sweeteners found in cakes or biscuits should be limited.

Something I have found is splitting your diet into 4. This means eating meat, fish, vegetarian and Vegan for example. Monday Vegan, Tuesday Fish, Wednesday Meat, Thursday Vegetarian, Friday Fish, Saturday Meat, Sunday Vegetarian.

This works in a similar way to the 5:2 diets except you will not be fasting, but simply giving your body time to process the Meat and Fish it has had over the last couple of days. This can upset the stomach, but after a couple of weeks, your body will get used to the new routine, and you will also feel a lot more energetic and less sluggish.