(Last Updated On: October 7, 2016)

Side Effects of Phentermine

Being aware of any potential side effects that could occur when taking any drug is something you do need to know, and that is what the following guide will enlighten you on. With that in mind please do make sure that you read the following guide which will let you know what the potential side effects are.

Also, if you have any current medical problems that you think my be affected by taking Phentermine or you are worried it may affect those conditions then you will be best advised to consult with your Doctor to ensure that it will be safe to take Phentermine before you start to do so.

Common Side Effects

Below you will find the most common side effects that are associated with taking and using Phentermine, you will also be sent out literature with your order on which these side effects will be listed in full too.

Common side effects of using Phentermine include a decreased interest in sexual intercourse, difficulty having a bowel movement (stool), dry mouth, false or unusual sense of well-being, hives or welts, inability to have or keep an erection, increased in sexual ability, desire, drive, or performance and an increased interest in sexual intercourse.

Other common side effects include itching, loss in sexual ability, desire, drive, or performance, redness of the skin, skin rash and an unpleasant taste.

Less Common Side Effects

The following is a list of the lesser common side effects that you may experience when taking Phentermine, if you do experience any of the following side effects please stop taking Phentermine and seek the advice of a Doctor or medical professional.

Less common side effects of using Phentermine include chest pain, decreased ability to exercise, dizziness, fainting, fast, irregular, pounding, or racing heartbeat or pulse, headache, numbness or tingling in the arms or legs, swelling of the feet or lower legs, trembling or shaking of the legs, arms, hands, or feet, trouble breathing, trouble with thinking, speaking, or walking and weakness.